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Sir SandFord Fleming - The Knight Of Time

The knight of time

Future time

June 2006
At the beginning of the long dash, it will be exactly noon, Eastern standard time.

Map showing time zones in the world
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Fleming was a man of science who tried to find solutions for the communications problems of his time. His system for calculating standard time is the one we still use today.

Book on the recognition of time zones in the 20th century
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However, technology has evolved over the past hundred years and time is now measured with instruments and criteria even more accurate than those used in Fleming’s time. Quartz clocks, and more recently atomic and cesium beam clocks have made it possible to satisfy the increasing requirements of science and technology, which call for time measurements that are accurate within a millisecond.

Drawing of a cesium beam clock
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Strangely, now that time is being measured with the greatest precision, today’s society seems always short of time.

Meanwhile, the barriers of time are disappearing with globalization and, especially, the immediate and direct contact provided by Internet.