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Sir SandFord Fleming - The Knight Of Time

Life At Full Speed

The Fleming family

Fleming surrounded by his grandchildren at Winterholme
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As soon as he arrived in Peterborough in 1845, Sandford Fleming became friendly with the family of his future wife, the Halls, and was attracted to Jeanie Hall. However, it was not until a sleigh accident almost ten years later that the young people’s love for each other was revealed.

Excerpt from a letter by Fleming  to his son Franky
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A year after this incident, in January 1855, Sandford married Ann Jane (Jean) Hall. They were to have nine children of whom two died young. The oldest son, Frank Andrew, accompanied Fleming in his great Western expedition of 1872.

A family man, deeply attached to his wife and children, Sandford Fleming also welcomed his father Andrew Greig Fleming, his wife and six of their other children who came to join him in Canada two years after his arrival. The Fleming and Hall families saw each other often.