Sir SandFord Fleming

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The train

Account by Sandford Fleming of his choice of the passage for the railway through the Rocky Mountains

Case 1 : Hello my name is Sir Sandford Fleming
Case 2: I want to talk about my project in 1872
Case 3: The story
Case 4: Pass (Fleming go back in time)
Where could I have the train crosses Canada?
Case 5: I have to find one way to it cross Col Yellowed, Edmonton and Jasper.
Case 6: I will show you where the train will pass.
Case 7: Present (Fleming is back to the present time)
Oh!! I have a small blank. Ah!! Here I remember.
Case 9: Good work! (Fleming go back in time)
Case 10: Don’t give up! There are only a few things left.
Case11: Present (Fleming is back to the present time)
I believe that I did good work…
The end

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