Sir SandFord Fleming

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Sandford Fleming

Sandford Fleming explains to a youth how he undertook the project to build the Trans Canada railway.

Case 1 : I will tell you how I did this railway…
Case 2: In 1869, I presente my idea to made a railway towards the pacific.
Case 3: In 1872, I went in expedition with the history teacher George Grant Monroe
Case 4: At Winnipeg, a third man, the photograph Charles Orestzky went with them.
Case 5: We crossed vast plain covered by sunflowers and daisies.
Case 6: At Edmonton, I left Horetzky and Monroe.
Case 7: They were camping under very cold weather (minus 450C).
Case 8: We didn’t risk our life for the money.
Case 9: I covered about 8500km 103 days.
Case 10: The privation of these men were inhumans.
Case 11: It was my history.
The End

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