Sir SandFord Fleming

Virtual Museum Canada

A big problem

A traveller who is afraid of arriving late at his destination wonders what time it is in the other provinces. He asks Sandford Fleming, who answers after looking at several clocks.

Case 1 : What time is it there and there? Haaaaa!
Case 2: Oh no! I am late. I will not get there on time in Manitoba
Case 3: I don’t know the time that I will arrive in Manitoba.
Case 5: What is the price?
Is it 10,00?
Can I pay this?
O.K. Thanks
Case 6: What is the price for this?
It is 10,50$
Case 9: Next stop Quebec!
Case 10: George, I have an idea for the problem…
Case 12: Ding dong ding

The End

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