Sir SandFord Fleming

Virtual Museum Canada

The first stamp

A man asks Sandford Fleming to design the first Canadian stamp. Fleming is not sure what subject he should choose and is having difficulty finding some ink.

Case 1 : Do you want to draw the first stamp?
Case 2: The next day
Oh no! I don’t find my pen-and-ink!
Case 3: Can you pass me a pen-and-ink please?
I can’t sorry.
Case 4: Shop (Fleming is seated in his shop)
Case 5: But now, what can I draw?
Case 7: Sandford think about what to draw
Case 8: Then, It’s a good representation for the Canada
Case 9: What?! No ink!
Case 10: Sorry. The shops are all close.
Case 11: The next day
Case 13: Someday later, he’s finished
Yes I am finished
Case 14: I am finished
Good job! Thank you!
Case 15: The stamp was printed in the printing shop
The End

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