Sir SandFord Fleming

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The life of Sandford Fleming

A youth goes to the psychologist and under hypnosis, tells of the exploits that marked the life of Sandford Fleming from his birth to the construction of the railway

Case 1 : Hello Mr. Psychologist.
Case 2 : Your eyelids are heavy
Case 3: in his dream
Case 4: January 7th 1827…
Oh! My boy’s name will be Sandford.
Case 5: When I will be older, I will do something to help all the other people!
Case 6: At 18 years old…
We have arrived in Canda!
Case 7: At work…
Sandford? Can you draw a railroad for the train? Yes.
Case 8: Let’s follow Fleming’s drawings
Case 9: It’s long
Yes I’m very tired but we have to complete the project.
Case 10: I’m happy that we’ve completed the project.
Case 11: We cannow take the train anywhere anytimw in the world.
Case 12: You will wake up when I count to 3. 1,2,3.
Case 13: Ah! Thank you M. phychologist.
Case 14: Unfortunately Flemin died in 1915.
The End

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