Sir SandFord Fleming

Virtual Museum Canada

Sandford Fleming’s exploits!

Sandford Fleming describes his exploits. He then tells of how he would have liked to be a magician, clown or dancer.

Case 1 : Zzzz
Case 2 : Oh!!! We will name him Sandford!
He is so beautiful!
Case 4: I made the first Canadian stamp!!!
Case 5: Congratulation! You’re named the main engineer for this roject!!!
Case 6: We have almost finished the Intercolonial Railway.
Case 7: Huumm..
Case 10: I would have liked to be...  (Fleming is dreaming and sees himself as a clown, a magician and a dancer)
I will make a rabbit appear!!!
Case 12: La,la,la,la!
Case 13 : I did a lot of exploits!!!
The End

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