Sir SandFord Fleming

Virtual Museum Canada

The contest

Sandford Fleming chose to depict a beaver in the drawing contest to illustrate the first Canadian stamp

Case 1 : Drawing contest, it’s free!
Case 2: Oh no! I forgot my pencil
I’ll pass you mine
Case 4: I spilled water on my drawing!
Case 5: What can I do?
I’ll copy you…
Case 6: 10 minutes left!
What does Alfred Jones would make if he was at my place?
Case 9: 5,4
I forgot to write my name!
Case 10: 3,2,1
I‘m finished!
Case 11: Then, I‘ll collect, everbody’s drawings!
Case 12: 1 hour later…
The winner is Sandford Fleming
Case 13: Your drawing will be print on the first Canadian stamp
Case 14: And it will be print in New York!
Case 15: Finally, I’m good in drawing!!!

© 2006 A realization of Exporail, the Canadian Railway Museum