Sir SandFord Fleming

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Sandford Fleming

An account of Sandford Fleming’s achievements since birth. It includes the construction of the railway and the establishment of standard time and time zones that were responsible for railway safety and efficiency.  

Case 1: In Scotland
You are born! Your name will be Sandford!
Oooiun! Oouin!
Case 2: Oh! Finally, I’m in Canada!
Case3: Congratulation! You are named the boss of the engineers of the Canadian Pacific.
Thank you
Case 4 Sandford, can you plan the way that the railway should take to cross Canada?
Case 5: Hello everybody, you are here because…
Case 6: I planned the way that all the train should cross Canada!
Case 7: We should survey over 4000 km!
Case 8: GO TO WORK!!!
Yes we work
Case 9: But what do you Sandford?
Case 10: I am creating hour’s normal system. I will explain to you…
Case 11: I divided the earth in 24 times zones. I establihed a normal system of time for Canada’s trains.
Case 11: And this helps the security and effectiveness of the exploitation railway.
Case 12: So it’s perfect! I like it!!!
Case 13: July 22 1915 (Fleming died)
This men is wonderful!!

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